Whats App Discount code

So we have decided to try something new here at Gorilla Karts. We are giving away a £10 discount code on all orders over £100.

Simply follow the steps below to get your discount code now:

Step 1

From your MOBILE PHONE click the "Share on Whatsapp" button below, select at least 4 contacts and share the message.

Step 2

Once complete and shared with 4 friends, come back to this page by pressing the recent apps button and open the browser window again.

Start Now Click The Botton Below

Share on whatsapp

Step 3

If you have finished the steps above correctly the finish button will appear.

Click finish botton to recieve the code:


Andrew Hamiltion
Posted by

Andrew Hamiltion

Founder / CEO

Thursday October 6th, 201612:00am