• Order form and pay deposit

    Order form and pay deposit

    Cognito.load("forms", { id: "1" });
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  • Red Pedal Go Kart

    Red Pedal Go Kart

    Gorilla Inferno Pedal Go Kart 4-8 yrs A day on the pedal go kart is not complete until you’ve conquered every last obstacle that crossed your path. Designed to fuel the fun fire and get you stoked on going faste...
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  • Pink Pedal Go Kart Number 1 colour

    Pink Pedal Go Kart Number 1 colour

    The Pink pedal go kart is the most popular colour year after year. If you are looking for a pink pedal go kart as a gift, then look no further than the pink Gorilla pedal go kart made from quality, sturdy tubular steel frames and are des...
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  • Whats App Discount code

    Whats App Discount code

    So we have decided to try something new here at Gorilla Karts. We are giving away a £10 discount code on all orders over £100. Simply follow the steps below to get your discount code now: Step 1 From your MOBILE PHONE click the "...
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  • The new decal design is a big hit

    The new decal design is a big hit

    Our new decal sticker design is proving to be a big hit with our customers. The feedback form the new decal sticker designs for the pedal go karts has been a big hit. Not only did we improve the quality of the sticker but the design was improve...
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